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An enduring collection of revolutionary comics from a genre-transforming and critically acclaimed cartoonist

Julie Doucet arrived in comics in the 1990s as a fully formed cartoonist. Her comic book series Dirty Plotte was visionary both for the medium and for storytelling. Her stories are candid, funny, and intimate, plumbing the depths of the female psyche while charting the fragility of the men around her. Her artwork is dense and confident, never wavering in the wit and humour of its owner. Doucet was active in comics for 15 years before she moved on to other media. Her influence casts a long shadow over the medium as Dirty Plotte is quite simply one of the most iconic comic book series to have ever been created.

Dirty Plotte: The Complete Julie Doucet collects the entire comic book series, including the acclaimed My New York Diary, as well as rare comics and previously unpublished material; a reproduction of the first Dirty Plotte mini comic; essays about her comics legacy and feminist influence by curator Dan Nadel and academic Martine Delvaux respectively; an interview by comics scholar Christian Gasser; and personal anecdotes from Jami Attenberg, Adrian Tomine, and more.

Praise for Dirty Plotte

A lavish history lesson for those who might take today’s outpouring of feminist comics for granted... and while most of the material dates from 20 to 30 years ago, the wonderment and rage at virulently gendered behavior feels fresh, and relevant for this moment.

Hillary Chute, The New York Times

[Doucet's] deeply influential stories are candid, funny, and intimate, plumbing the depths of the female psyche while charting the fragility of the men around her.

Jessica Hopper, The Creative Independent

This definitive volume celebrates the groundbreaking stories of a Canadian feminist who enjoyed a huge impact on alternative comics.

Boston Globe

This spectacular volume of a seminal feminist work, ..., should hold appeal beyond collectors and libraries as a show-off coffee-table gift full of ’90s nostalgia.

Publishers Weekly

Doucet’s comics serve as a direct kick in the groin to dominant notions of feminine propriety... Common to especially the early stories is an uncompromising sense of anything-goes dream logic; and although her comics consistently challenge masculine perspectives by depicting female unruliness and bodily messiness, the joyously freewheeling and often curiously innocent nature of her work means that it is never in danger of succumbing to a dull and programmatic version of feminism.

LA Review of Books

While stretching the boundaries of what a 'comic book' can be, Doucet makes work that functions as a warm blanket in a cold, cold world.

Kathleen Hanna

These are among the most personal and powerfully intimate comics ever made. In their obsessive, utterly-fearless precision they draw us fully into Doucet’s private dream-vision, a gleefully-nihilistic, rageful and tenderly melancholic perspective on a dark and complicated world, the panels so dense with raw anthropomorphous energy they seem more like living organisms than lines on paper.

Daniel Clowes

An author of endless skill... Dirty Plotte documents Doucet's genius. 

Bomb Magazine
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