6.3 x 8.9
128 Pgs
$23.95 CAD/$16.95 USD

Described as a Philip Roth for the younger set, Joe Matt looks back in this book at a golden weekend from his 1970s suburban childhood. Young Joe Matt is a selfish, whiny child who steals from stores, takes advantage of his friends, threatens to burn his mother's house down, and bullies those weaker than himself.

The story centers on a fairground, comic books, a TV horror host, underground forts, and slurpee cups. Completely unsentimental and strangely endearing, Fair Weather continues the American tradition of humorous, idiosyncratic self-exhibitionism.

Collected from Peepshow issues 7-10.

Praise for Fair Weather

Richly evoking a 70s suburban childhood without sentimentality, Matt's poignant graphic novella is as refreshing as a slurpee on a muggy afternoon.

Entertainment Weekly
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