7.3 x 9.3
264 Pgs
$19.95 CAD/USD

Eight moral comedies from Yoshihiro Tatsumi, edited and designed by Adrian Tomine

Yoshihiro Tatsumi's epic memoir A Drifting Life was published in 2009 to overwhelming acclaim, garnering prestigious awards around the world, landing on the New York Times "graphic books" best-seller list, and inspiring a feature-film adaptation. For his follow-up, Tatsumi shifted gears dramatically, finding inspiration in the centuries-old Japanese storytelling tradition of rakugo or "fallen words." By fusing this comedic, performance-based art form with the visual language of manga, Tatsumi proved that, at the age of seventy-five, he is still one of the medium's foremost innovators.

Humorous, provocative, and thoroughly unpredictable, Fallen Words is a deceptively lighthearted look at the moral quandaries of life and death.

Translated from the Japanese by Jocelyne Allen.

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