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Jordan Wellington Lint, 51, is Chief Executive Officer of Lint Financial Products, a company he began serving in 1985 as assistant and advisor before working his way up its corporate ladder to record-setting innovation in the fields of finance and high-yield investment. In his seven years as the head of Lint, Jordan has grown the company from a business lender and real estate speculator to a leading provider of network financial infrastructure services, all the while positioning Lint as a model of corporate integrity and high-yield, low-risk product. Lint's vision has made him one of the most influential and widely sought-after leaders in the complex Omaha securities industry, and his fresh approach to an understanding of local problems, leadership and determination have enabled Lint to grow, outdistance and outpace its competitors.

Lint graduated from UNL in 1981 with a BA in Business and briefly studied music and recording in Los Angeles before returning to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, where he has continued his life journey ever since. In his ongoing role as Chief Executive Officer and his dual roles as public servant and father, Lint continues to put his creative leadership and vision to work in a variety of challenging settings. He is married and is the father of two boys.

Jordan Wellington Lint comprises a contributing chapter to cartoonist Chris Ware's gradual accretion of the ongoing graphic novel experiment "Rusty Brown."

Praise for Jordan Wellington Lint

His tales of myopic relationships and enervated dreams shimmer with eloquent graphics, precisely tuned dialogue, and perfect-pitch body language.

Village Voice Best of 2010

[The Acme Novelty Library is] a solo series of staggering ambition whose diagrammatic drawings zero in on devastating emotional moments.

Rolling Stone

And for the landmark 20th issue of his flagship title, Ware refuses to disappoint, with a cradle-to-grave story of a hapless financial-services executive faced with a crumbling personal life, several crises of faith and a financial meltdown. The result is one of the best comics of 2010... unspooled with such finesse and humanity that you can’t help but empathize with his philandering, felonious and ill-fated “hero.”

Globe & Mail

This most recent book is probably one of the most readable things that he has ever done. It’s innovative on all fronts — from the story and the lettering to the design and layout. In my world, this is a must-have book.

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