7.5 x 10
272 Pgs
$34.95 CAD/$29.95 USD

One of the best comic books of all time, now in full color and just as funny as ever!

Lulu Moppet is back with even more outlandish adventures and misadventures, as the cartoonist John Stanley settles into kooky and entertaining suburban storylines starring Lulu, Tubby, Alvin, and the rest of the gang.

Lulu is a strong, assertive young girl who is both entertaining and empowering to girls and women of all ages—even if she sometimes finds herself in hot water. In Little Lulu: The Fuzzythingus Poopi, she outsmarts criminals who mistake her for a wealthy young girl, gets into high jinks during a day at the beach, and plays hooky—but only by accident! Over the course of these stories, Stanley excels at visual gags, from Lulu using a pencil sharpener on lipstick to a disgruntled Alvin being flocked by girls after trying his mother’s perfume.

This is the second installment in Drawn & Quarterly’s landmark reprint series of the classic John Stanley comic strip that was first published by Dell Comics in the 1940s and ’50s. Little Lulu: The Fuzzythingus Poopi will delight longtime fans of the series and new readers alike.

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