5.5 x 8.3
304 Pgs
$24.95 CAD/$22.95 USD

A view of America—as seen in small towns, rural roads, and its overlooked in-between places

John Porcellino makes his love of home and of nature the anchors in an increasingly turbulent world. He slows down and visits the forests, fields, streams, and overgrown abandoned lots that surround every city. He studies the flora and fauna around us. He looks at the overlooked. Porcellino also digs deep into a quintessential American endeavour—the road trip. Uprooting his comfortable life several times in From Lone Mountain, John drives through the country weaving from small town to small town, experiencing America in slow motion, avoiding the sameness of airports and overwhelming hustle of major cities.

From Lone Mountain collects stories from Porcellino’s influential zine King-Cat—John enters a new phase of his life, as he remarries and decides to leave his beloved second home Colorado for San Francisco. Grand themes of King-Cat are visited and stated more eloquently than ever before: serendipity, memory, and the quest for meaning in the everyday.

Over the past three decades, Porcellino's beloved King-Cat thas offered solace to his readers: his gentle observational stories take the pulse of everyday life and reveal beauty in the struggle to keep going.

Praise for From Lone Mountain

It’s always a cause for celebration when we get a new collection of comics culled from John Porcellino’s long-running zine, King-Cat ... drawn in Porcellino’s instantly recognizable, magically minimal style ... From Lone Mountain is no exception. 


These comics unfold in neat, regular panels, small boxes containing wonderment in the everyday. [From Lone Mountain] revolves around the power of place, as Porcellino bounces from various Midwestern locales to Denver and San Francisco and back; wherever he is, he finds tranquillity in open space, in the silence and grandeur of nature.

Hillary Chute, New York Times Book Review

Porcellino is capable of imbuing a simple tale with real poignancy.

With his signature minimalism, Porcellino strips his artwork to the bare essentials ... he achieves universality in that simplicity. Porcellino’s greatest strength is his ability to put readers in his own shoes and use his experiences to enlighten their own.

The AV Club
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