8 x 11
136 Pgs
$29.95 CAD/USD

The irresistible adventures of Nancy and Sluggo

In the fourth and final volume of the John Stanley Library’s Nancy comics, the whole gang is back. Readers are treated to still more uproarious antics from Nancy, Sluggo, Spike, Aunt Fritzi, and Mr. and Mrs. McOnions. In these stories, Nancy has a dream that seems a little too real, Sluggo’s moth cupboard turns out to be pretty profitable, and Rollo Haveall takes rhubarb and blackberry pie revenge on an ungrateful Nancy.

Stanley drew these comics as a journeyman on the stories. He tended toward absurdist punch lines, but also mimicked the logic of children very well. Stanley’s work is incredibly fresh and funny half a century later. Pudgy, irritable, and always trying to find ways to have fun, Sluggo and Nancy’s high jinks are laugh-a-minute.

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