6.4 x 9.5
96 Pgs
$19.95 CAD/USD

A bold reinterpretation of a century-old book

Renowned artist and designer Leanne Shapton has taken a century-old book and reinterpreted it in a series of bold, painted images. Shapton takes the otherwise complex objects of trees and strips them down into stark, almost abstract shapes and colors. She distills each subject into its simplest form, using vivid colors in lush gouache paint. Her passion is evident in each painting: the water birch is represented as two pulsating red bulbs contrasted against a grey backdrop; the eastern white pine is represented by a close up of its leaves against a radiant summer sky.

Praise for The Native Trees of Canada

[In The Native Trees of Canada, Shapton has] distilled each image into its simplest form, using vivid colours in gouache, stripping the complex objects down to bold, abstract shapes and colours. 

The Globe and Mail

Summer remains eternal, however, in Leanne Shapton's new book, The Native Trees of Canada...These trees all exist, but Shapton has filtered and enhanced them through her memory. It's as if you are gazing at trees as they appear in Shapton's dreams.

The National Post

Devoted entirely to artwork, the book focuses more on the beauty of the images than’s like taking an imaginary trip through the forest. 

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