8.3 x 11.1
176 Pgs
$29.95 CAD/USD

A collection of illustrations from the New Yorker cover artist and award-winning cartoonist

Two strangers, both reading the same novel, share a fleeting glance between passing subway cars. A bookstore owner locks eyes with a neighbor as she receives an Amazon package. Strangers are united by circumstance as they wait on the subway stairs for a summer storm to pass.

Adrian Tomine’s illustrations and comics have appeared for more than a decade in the pages (and on the cover) of the New Yorker. Instantly recognizable for their deceptively simple and evocative style, these images have garnered the attention of the New Yorker’s readership and the approbation of such venerable institutions as the Art Directors Club and American Illustration.

New York Drawings is a loving homage to the city that Tomine, a West Coast transplant, has called home for the past seven years. This lavish, beautifully designed volume collects every cover, comic, and illustration that he has produced for the New Yorker to date, along with an assortment of other rare and uncollected illustrations and sketches inspired by the city. Complete with notes and annotations by the author, New York Drawings will also feature a new introductory comic focusing on Tomine’s experiences as a New York illustrator.

Praise for New York Drawings

Resplendent with cool, literature-loving women and geeky, awkward men, [New York Drawings] platforms a fondness for capturing life on the NYC underground in all its oddness and irritations...A beautiful and thought-nudging collection.

The List

[New York Drawings is] an incredible compilation of [Tomine's] comics, illustrations and sketches that highlight both the sense of loneliness/non-loneliness that comes with life in New York City.

Paper Mag

The tender moments and chance encounters illustrated [in New York Drawings] are universal...It’s almost as if the protagonist in this book is the breeze that blows up through the grates in the road, wafting over people as they receive Amazon packages, get book deals, catch someone’s eye on the subway, and move like funny, flustered ants around the streets.

It's Nice That

Particularly adept at capturing the alienation, awkwardness and unexpected moments of amusement that punctuate big city living, anyone looking for more on Tomine's work is well advised to purchase his elegant coffee table book New York Drawings.


Adrian Tomine arrives in New York, and we suddenly remember why we all love living in The Big City, whatever the hassles may be. Tomine's wit is as sharp as his heart is tender, and his portrait of the city is not only intellectually stimulating, but also emotionally and aesthetically rewarding. A must for all New Yorkers and all New Yorkers at heart.

Françoise Mouly, art editor, The New Yorker and editorial director, TOON Books
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