Booklist reviews D+Q 5

“Booklist Review - Drawn & Quarterly 5” / Booklist / Gordon Flagg / May 1, 2004

In its flagship title, an elegantly designed coffee-table anthology, Canadian graphic-novel publisher Drawn & Quarterly spotlights an impressive array of international talent, most, if not all, of whom are probably unfamiliar to even the most well-versed American comics fans. Drawing heavily on the Francophone world, this edition features the Parisian team of Dupuy and Berberian, whose signature character, Monsieur Jean, confronts the travails of urban life in a universally recognizable manner; Quebec-based Michel Rabagliati's nostalgic account of adolescents on the loose in Montreal in the 1970s; and a 75-page retrospective of the work of Quebecois cartoonist Albert Chartier. Other contributors include Japanese master Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Israeli newcomer Rutu Modan, and the token American, R. Sikoryak, whose "The Crypt of Bronte" retells Wuthering Heights in the style of 1950s EC horror comics. Casting the net so widely pays off handsomely; unlike in most comics anthologies, there isn't a dud in the bunch here. And the exquisite volume shows once again that Drawn & Quarterly best understands the importance of top-level production and design. -Gordon Flagg

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