Interview: Debbie Drechsler charts the trials of adolescence

“Debbie Drechsler's 'Summer of Love' charts the trials of adolescence” / North Bay Bohemian / Richard von Busack / January 2, 2003

A term I hadn't thought of in 30 years popped into my head the morning after reading Santa Rosa artist Debbie Drechsler's graphic novel The Summer of Love. That word was "defriend."

In the unique vernacular of junior high school kids, "defriend" didn't just mean the opposite of "befriend." A friendship ought to suffer some stresses and survive, though it can be severed by one terrible incident. The sense of what it means to be defriended, as I knew it, was something more quick and yet more subtle. Defriending happened suddenly and for no serious reason--at least for no reason the defriended could understand. Thus, the threat was always there. Use it in a sentence: "You're not going to defriend me, are you?"

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