Now Weekly reviews Hamilton Sketchbook

“NOW Weekly reviews Hamilton Sketchbook” / Now Weekly Toronto / Emily Pohl-Weary / December 19, 2002

A couple of years in the life of underground cartoonist David Collier as he moves away from Saskatoon on the wind-swept Prairies to settle in industrial Hamilton, Ontario. After a dozen pages you become aware of recurring themes. Then Collier complains, "My book about me comes back again and again to my family," and it all comes clear. Rather than a simple graphic autobiography, this is a collection of stories about the people who've made impressions on Collier -- his parents, his wife, his baby boy and hundreds of strangers -- as he settles into his new home and memories of his previous life rush back.
His trademark scratchy, real-life illustrations are all accompanied by little stories about the subjects he draws. We're right there with Collier when he meets the terrifying Smokin' Mom, who puffs vigorously as she bundles her helpless infant victim into an SUV at a gas station.

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