PW: D&Q Profile

“Literary Comics from D&Q” / Publishers Weekly / Sunyoung Lee / June 17, 2002

For more than a decade Montreal-based D&Q has been publishing highly literate comics and graphic novels that tackle subjects ranging from autobiography to urban romance to politics. Its beautifully designed and produced books have become extremely influential in the world of alternative comics.

D&Q's publisher, Chris Oliveros, founded the press in 1990 after discovering the literary potential of comics through Art Spiegelman's Raw anthologies. "I realized that a comic could be about anything—any viewpoint, any kind of graphic approach. In other words, it could be a kind of literature." Back then, most comic publishers weren't doing books. "After Spiegelman's Maus," Oliveros said, "cartoonists became more ambitious. Instead of 24-page comic books with one story, they began serializing longer stories that could be collected into book form." Atlas, a current D&Q project by Dylan Horrocks, the New Zealand– based author of Hicksville, promises to be 1,000-pages long when it is finally released in book format.

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