Time.comix: What it Feels Like for Debbie Drechsler

“What It Feels Like for a Girl” / TIME Magazine / TIME Comix / October 11, 2002

Teenage girls who, by some miracle, aren't automatically turned off by the insecure machismo of mainstream comicbooks would have to hunt pretty hard for stories that were remotely about their lives.

Drechsler has earned a comix rep since the early 1990s working exclusively in the genre of semi-autobiographical comix about growing up. Collected together in "Daddy's Girl," many of these deeply disturbing stories dealt with such taboo subjects as rape and familial sex abuse. Therefore anyone who knows her past work may be excused for feeling somewhat anxious with each turn of the page of her latest book. But worry not. "The Summer of Love" deals exclusively with the most typical of teenage experiences — alienation, confusion and anger.

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