They Call it Fumetti: Igort

“March Issue 2003” / Dazed & Confused Magazine / Dazed & Confused Magazine / March 17, 2003

Fumetti: That's what Italian's affecionately call their comic books, derived from "little clouds of smoke"; originally an insult by a snobby critic to describe the speech balloons floating out of the characters' mouths. In Italy, as everywhere else, comics used to be seen as inferior literature, but that hasn't stopped huge numbers of people enjoying their unique blend of storytelling. In the TV-saturated kingdom of Silvio Berlussconi, 80 million fumetti of every kind fly off the country's 37,000 newsstands, while their bravura graphic novelists take on the world. Let their smoke get in your eyes.

"You’ve brought hell into the family. You know that?" When his young son is shot dead on the mean streets of Naples, his gray haired father, a retired hitman, has to confront the consequences of his dogged quest for vengeance. In the moody, duotone graphic novel 5 is the Perfect Number, Igort, alias Igor Tuveri, breathes an unexpected beauty into the gritty Mafiosi genre, importing subtleties from Japanese cinema and manga.

A global aesthete, Igort’s cultural references have always been eclectic. His hybrid of pumped up superheroics and Russian propaganda art in his previously translated album, dulled feelings, resulted in a revolutionary Batman for the workers with a permanent erection in his pants.

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