'Comics shaped how I look at things' Globe & Mail

“'Comics shaped how I look at things'” / The Globe & Mail / Rebeca Caldwell / March 29, 2003

It was a Justice League of America -- issue No. 111 to be precise -- that got Mike Thorner hooked.

Although it's been almost 30 years since he bought it, he still remembers the anthology of new and old comics that he claims has a profound influence on his own identity.

"It had some classics from the forties, fifties and sixties, and I suddenly became aware that there was this whole history of pop culture," says the Toronto-based Web designer. "Since then, comics have really shaped how I look at things. I'm always referencing the past."

And while he began as a "DC guy" (as opposed to rival publisher Marvel) in his youth, as he grew older, Thorner started appreciating comics less for the paper and ink battles of good and evil than for their stories of real human experience. Today, instead of the Justice League, he'll talk about Jaime Hernandez, Art Speigelman or Chris Ware, or local boy wonders such as Seth and Chester Brown.

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