Louis Riel in The Beaver: Canada's History Mag

“Louis Riel in The Beaver: Canada's History Mag” / The Beaver Magazine / The Beaver Staff / May 21, 2003

Well you can't say Louis Riel isn't a protean figure. Which may be why the nineteenth century politicain, mystic, and maverick has inspired twentieth-century poems, novels, opera, film and --for all we know--needle point samplers. Lately, here in the twenty-first century, it's comic books: Toronto illustrator Chester Brown began drawing and writing his series Louis Riel in 1999. This spring, ten issues later, he's done. The hero of the tale has posed in uncountable panels and stood beneath innumerable word balloons, moving from leading role in the provisional government at Red River in 1869 to doom on a Regina gibbet in 1885. While comic books bespeak the lightweight and easy-to-read, Brown's series--which is scheduled for collection in one volume in September--maintains a thoughtful, mature sensibility and a respect for historicity, though he does make a point of saying that he believes the Metis cause was just and the Canadian government of the day was wrong. To further dispell any notions this is history lite, each twenty-four-page volume contains end notes and a bibliography of respected sources.
You could almost use it to cram for an exam.

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