Eastbay Express Spotlights Joe Sacco's Bay Area Fixer Signing

“Reporter Sacco visits Cody's” / Eastbay Express / Kelly Vance / December 5, 2003

With his thinning blond hair and his paunch, Neven looks like an ordinary Joe Six-Pack from anywhere in Europe or America. Hard to believe that in the Bosnian civil war of 1992-93, he went into bars, pulled a revolver, and rounded up every man he saw for trench-digging duty on behalf of a Muslim warlord named Caco. Or that he hustled foreign journalists for cigarettes, drinks, and serious money as a guide to the anarchic chaos that was Sarajevo.But that's the point of Joe Sacco's remarkable memoir, The Fixer (Drawn & Quarterly, $24.95) -- that Neven the Fixer was no different than anyone else, doing what was necessary during the brutal years when displaced people, killing fields, and gangsters-turned-chieftains transformed tolerant, multicultural Sarajevo into a graveyard of dreams. Neven knows where the bodies are buried. Sacco, who appears Friday evening (7:30) at Cody's Books on Telegraph to sign copies of his book, also knows Sarajevo well. As a political reporter who uses "commix-journalism" to tell his stories, he has covered Palestine (his first book) as well as Bosnia (Safe Area Gorazde) and other hot spots. 510-845-7852 or CodysBooks.com 

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