Village Voice features the Fixer as One of its Favorite 25 Books of the Year

“Our 25 Favorite Books of 2003” / The Village Voice / The Village Voice Staff / December 9, 2003

From the 12/10-16 issue of the Village Voice:

The Fixer: A Story From Sarajevo
By Joe Sacco

In 1995, journalistic cartoonist Sacco covered the Balkan conflict, and told the stories of the people around him in his remarkable graphic novel Safe Area Gorazde. In 2001, he returned to Sarajevo to meet up with his old "fixer," an army veteran named Neven who could set up anything for the right palm-greasing. This shorter, darker book concentrates on Neven and his stories—which Sacco notes he can't always believe—but puts them in the keenly observed (and drawn) context of smashed-up post-war Bosnia, the brutal territorialism of its local warlords, and old and young Sarajevans hustling to get by .

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