Calgary Herald features "5 Is the Perfect Number"

“Books in Brief: Graphic novel edition” / The Calgary Herald / Ian Doig / February 7, 2004

Peppino Lo Ciccero is an old-time hood from Napoli, Italy. His son Nino has proudly taken up the family business and Lo Ciccero Sr. presents him with a beauty of a new pistol on his birthday.

The gift marks the last time he'll see his son alive and his own bloody re-entry into the family run crime businesses he'd earlier retired from. With the help of his reluctant former comrade, Salvato, the shimmering, liquid streets of 1960's Napoli run red with gangster blood as the two attempt to avenge Nino's murder. The art and story are the work of Italian Igor Tuveri (who writes under the name Igort) and it's old country Sopranos complete with existential pondering.

Employing spare dialogue, the story and its shifting, noirish moods are pushed along by artwork that is loose and bold, employing hard and soft-edged drawing techniques.

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