Matt: "Just wait until I get my Hollywood money!"

“HBO Preps 'Poor Bastard' Series” / Reuters/Hollywood Reporter / Andrew Wallenstein / April 27, 2004

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - HBO is teaming up with one of the creators of "Futurama" to develop a potential series based on the cult comic book "The Poor Bastard."

The book, also known as a "graphic novel," was written by artist Joe Matt, based on his own life experiences. Among the myriad woes he contends with in his romantic life is an addiction to pornography.

David X. Cohen, who developed "Futurama" with "The Simpsons" creator Matt Groening, would serve as executive producer alongside "Simpsons" scribe Donick Carey and Matt.

Although HBO has yet to see a script, the premium channel was hooked on the concept for the series, which could blend live-action and animation in a manner similar to the HBO Films theatrical release "American Splendor." Like "Splendor" protagonist Harvey Pekar, Matt recounts his frustrations with relationships in unsparing detail.


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