PW Reports on FSG & DQ Deal.

“FSG Draws In Unlikely Distribution Client” / Publishers Weekly / Calvin Reid / July 21, 2004

It's the season of new distribution clients--and this one's a doozy. FSG will start distributing graphic-novels. That's not a misprint. The house has agreed to take over the U.S. distribution of Montreal-based graphic-novel publisher Drawn & Quarterly in a move that's in fact fairly intuitive, as it brings together a venerable New York literary publishing house and an acclaimed publisher of literary comics.

Spenser Lee, senior v-p and director of sales at FSG, acknowledged that this is new ground for his company, but said the two houses share "similar publishing values. I think we both focus on individual books and authors." He added, "I think we can sell their books like we would any regular FSG title." The new arrangement brings to mind Norton's distribution agreement with literary comics publisher Fantagraphics Books.

The house's books are currently distributed in the U.S. by Chronicle. Though the SF-based house originally provided exposure for the company in the U.S.--and there was compatibility in how both published artful, well-designed books--Chronicle's focus on more novelty and concept title didn't always jibe with Drawn & Quarterly's emphasis on literary narrative.

The deal goes into effect January, when the Holtzbrinck sales group will begin selling the books to indies and regional accounts, just as it does for FSG titles, and in-house sales reps will sell to national accounts and selected New York City independents. Drawn & Quarterly will continue to be distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books and in the U.K. by Turnaround Publishing.


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