Harrisburg Patriot News reviews David B.'s BABEL #1

“Harrisburg Patriot-News Review - Babel” / Harrisburg Patriot News / Harrisburg Patriot News / January 18, 2005

"Babel" by David B., Drawn & Quarterly, 32 pages, $9.95.

David B.'s magnum opus, the stunning "Epileptic," just came out in stores this month, but you can get a small taste of this French artist's genius through this slim yet utterly engrossing story.

In "Babel," David B. effortlessly segues from autobiography to dream psychology to the 1968 war in Biafra without missing a step, thus turning an intimate tale of youth into a more epic look at the way images and outside forces affect our choices. It's a near- perfect introduction to an artist that comics fans will be hearing a lot about.

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