Ed The Happy Clown #1 Reviewed in the Nashville City Paper!

“The Nashville City Paper Review - Ed The Happy Clown” / The Nashville City Paper / The Nashville City Paper / May 26, 2005

• Ed the Happy Clown No. 1 (Drawn & Quarterly Publications) begins, to quote the cover, “a serialized reprinting of Chester Brown’s first graphic novel.” Brown, who has since produced notable works like Louis Riel and I Never Liked You, offers a warts-and-all look at some of his earliest comics, a collection of absurd strips sometimes centering around a pathetic clown, and usually involving limbs falling off for no good reason. It’s an amusing work, a sign of things to come from the unique and fertile mind of Brown. But what’s most interesting about the comic are the notes in the back where Brown goes over the genesis of each strip. It’s like a master filmmaker doing a detailed commentary track on his debut film, but way less pretentious and apologetic.

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