Booklist reviews PAUL MOVES OUT!

“Booklist Review - Paul Moves Out” / Booklist / Gordon Flagg / June 1, 2005

Rabagliati follows his coming-of-age story Paul Has a Summer Job (2003) with a further work of semiautobiography, in which 19-year-old Paul enters art school in Montreal and moves out of his parents' suburban home. Developments unfold leisurely. Paul meets simpatico classmate Lucie ("A girl who reads comics!!" he marvels), with whom he gradually falls in love. He comes under the influence of a charismatic professor and copes with his realization that his mentor is gay. He shares a run-down apartment and committed relationship with Lucie, and he deals with a beloved relative's death. There is little that distinguishes Paul's experiences from those of many other middle-class, North American, white males, but Rabagliati's skillful, sympathetic treatment makes life's small moments seem big, well conveying the excitement of discovering the wider world and apprehension over impending adulthood. Unlike most autobiographical comics, Rabagliati's are refreshingly angst-free. His deceptively loose style bespeaks his background as a graphic designer, and his breezily cartoonish style more closely resembles European than it does American comics.

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