Booklist reviews WAR'S END

“Booklist Review - War's End” / Booklist / Gordon Flagg / June 1, 2005

Sacco continues his comic-strip reportage on the Bosnian war with this collection of two shorter stories whose events predate Safe Area Gorazde (2000) and The Fixer (2003). In "Christmas with Karadzic," Sacco joins a group of hard-bitten journalists trying to score an interview with Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic, the driving force behind the siege of Sarajevo. "Soba" follows a charismatic Bosnian artist as he hits the bars to obliterate memories of his army job planting land mines. "Christmas" is a brutally honest, first-person account of an encounter with evil; but "Soba" is the stronger piece, thanks to its fascinating protagonist, whose real art is for survival. Sacco's other reports from Bosnia are more substantive, but these stories share their expressive drawing, incisive observation, and shrewd combination of jarring visual perspectives, comic exaggeration, and black humor, which so well convey the chaos of the war... 

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