Kirkus Reviews Special Graphic Novel Spotlight - THE PUSH MAN

“Kirkus Reviews - The Pushman and Other Stories” / Kirkus Reviews / Kirkus Reviews Staff / August 30, 2005

After suffering more than four decades of obscurity among North American audiences, Tatsumi is destined to become one of the better-known icons of alternative comics on this side of the Pacific. The Push Man, edited and designed by acclaimed American cartoonist Adrian Tomine (Optic Nerve), is the first of a promised series of annual volumes that will chronicle the sometimes-sinister, sometimes- steamy, sometimes-comical work of one of Japan’s underground comics pioneers. This first volume, featuring stories originally published in 1969, reveals Tatsumi doing what he does best: examining what Tomine describes as “faces in a crowd, seemingly plucked at random and then examined down to their darkest, most private moments.” Readers might be surprised to find elements of manga enmeshed in Tatsumi’s noir sensibility. “Manga has been written off as trite ’tween reading,” says Logan Bay, of Quimby’s Comic Emporiumin Chicago. “This is the kind of comic that will bring Japanese graphic novels out of the fan boy slums.” According to Drawn & Quarterly publicist Peggy Burns, “The Push Man presents Japanese cartooning on an adult, literary level alongside North American masters such as the Hernandez Brothers, Daniel Clowes and Chris Ware.”

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