“Baghdad Journal: An Artist in Occupied Iraq” / The New York Post / Joe Tirella / September 18, 2005

For Mumford's astonishing book, the artist and writer went to Iraq and did something revolutionary: He drew what he saw. Mostly, he saw signs of life - people working, eating, drinking, shopping in open-air markets - ordinary people trying to get on with their lives in the middle of ungodly chaos. But the images aren't all pastoral and Mumford doesn't try to hide the darker side of America's occupation. Death - and fear of it - is never far from his images. He shows us an Iraqi man watching bodies being unearthed, women and children waiting nervously as their homes are being searched and American soldiers, understandingly on edge, going about their jobs. This is an impressive visual document that deserves a place in the annals of war reportage.

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