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“Graphic Content” / Nashville City Paper / Wil Moss / September 16, 2005

Comics continue to storm the mainstream, with the recent announcement by The New York Times that their magazine will start serializing a new graphic novel from Chris Ware, the quality of the graphic novel-turned-movie A History of Violence being the one thing everyone seems to agree on at the Toronto Film Festival, and the White House acknowledging comics as the one true great American art form. Well, let’s give that last one some time. Meanwhile, on with the reviews …

Drawn & Quarterly Showcase Three

By Geneviève Elverum, Sammy Harkham and Matt Broersma

Drawn & Quarterly has a history of exposing deserving cartoonists to a wider audience, which they continue to do with this third volume of their Showcase series. Each of the three cartoonists is a fresh talent, resulting in a package varying in voices and strong in quality.

Geneviève Elverum delivers a flowing, very loose narrative about young love and the development of family in “We’re Wolf!” via a spread of beautiful images and lucid colors that look so soft they make you want to feel the images.

Sammy Harkham, the editor of the gloriously ambitious Kramer’s Ergot anthology, turns in a simple yet connecting story about a suburb summer, a perfectly distilled representation of first loves, confusing friendships and lots and lots of idle time. Neither nostalgic nor sentimental, “Somersaulting” is further proof that Harkham is a creative mind to watch.

Matt Broersma’s “The Mummy” is an amusing two-part contribution, a tale of a long-lived king, an intrepid female journalist, and the king’s delayed demise set against the backdrop of a nameless, timeless European setting.
If only all anthologies boasted such strength and promise.

By Wil Moss

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