TATSUMI'S PUSH MAN reviewed in Colorado Springs Independent

“Short Stories” / Colorado Springs Independent / Kara Luger / October 17, 2005

Tatsumi, considered the grandfather of Japanese alternative comics, isn't well-known here in the States. His minimalist style of drawing, so different from that found in manga, influenced Adrian Tomine and other comics artists. The Push Man and Other Stories is a selected collection of Tatsumi's works, specifically from 1969. The stories are quite dark; infidelity, death, lust and betrayal reign here. The male characters typically are working-class average Joes, often with blank looks in their eyes; the women usually prove either conniving or hysterical. As an American woman in the new millennium, it's hard to interpret that through the lens of a Japanese male nearly 40 years ago. Still, The Push Man definitely is worth a look.

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