RABAGLIATI'S PAUL MOVES OUT in the Harrisburg PA Patriot-News

“GRAPHIC LIT Arts/Leisure” / The Patriot-News / Christopher Mautner / November 6, 2005

Rabagliati's thinly-veiled autobiography is filled with so many remembrances and reminiscences that at times the book is in danger of tipping over into "a bunch of stuff that happened to me" territory.

That it doesn't is testament to the author's considerable skill as a storyteller. In this third volume of Paul's onslaught into adulthood, the title character finds himself attending art school, finding true love and preparing for a life of work and domesticity. I really like the way Rabagliati uses conversation to reveal emotional connections between the characters, to say nothing of his lovely art. This book is a real gem.

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