SHOWCASE 3 reviewed by the ONION A.V. CLUB

“SHOWCASE 3 reviewed by the ONION A.V. CLUB” / The Onion AV Club / Keith Phipps, Noel Murray, Tasha Robinson / November 15, 2005

The latest issues of Drawn & Quarterly Showcase (D&Q), Mome (Fantagraphics), and Blab (Fantagraphics) continue to help define the burgeoning art-comics movement, packing their pages with crude doodles, impenetrable design experiments, and the occasional readable story.

In Drawn & Quarterly Showcase #3, Sammy Harkham's "Somersaulting" incisively documents the casual hedonism and unrealistic expectations of two small-town high-school girls, the summer before their senior year.

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