SETH and GUY DELISLE'S PYONGYANG in the Ottawa Citizen

“A CanLit Top 10: Your stocking needs more Canada” / Ottawa Citizen / Peter Darbyshire / December 4, 2005

Christmas Days
By Derek McCormack and Seth

In his earlier books, McCormack rewrote the themes and tropes of CanLit with his dark tales of a young gay man's self-discovery. Now he turns his attention to the history of Christmas in Canada. McCormack fans need not be worried -- he hasn't turned all cuddly. The history of fake snow for trees, for instance, lovingly meditates on cancer risks.

Illustrated by graphic artist Seth.

By Guy Delisle

Graphic artist Delisle travelled to North Korea to finish work on a children's cartoon. The world he encountered was far stranger than any comic or fairy tale. Delisle recreates the absurdist nightmare that North Korea's leaders have created in a simple graphic novel, the simplicity of which would be charming if the subject matter wasn't so eerie. It's Persepolis meets Kafka.


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