Walt & Skeezix in the ONION'S best of 2005

“The Onion's Best of 2005” / the A.V. Club / Donna Bowman, Noel Murray, Nathan Rabin, Tasha Robinson, Scott Tobias / December 28, 2005

Here's a theory no one has floated to explain declining movie box-office receipts: More people are reading. Could it be? Probably not, but there was no shortage of memorable books in 2005. Here are a few of The A.V. Club's favorites.

Frank King, Walt And Skeezix
(Drawn & Quarterly)

Plenty of early comic strips are worth studying for their draftsmanship or their incidental socio-historical insight, but Frank King's Gasoline Alley is as witty as it is beautiful and relevant. This Chris Ware-designed collection of the strip's first two significant years—1921 and '22—caught even hardcore comics devotees flatfooted with its boundless wonders. The strip is rooted in the relationship between tubby bachelor mechanic Walt Wallet and his foundling adopted son Skeezix: a perfectly mismatched pair that King drew with a special eye toward how a big man cradles a little one. But just as enjoyable are the day-to-day accumulation of in-jokes and genteel observations on modern life, delivered by the denizens of a loosely wired, auto-obsessed Middle America.

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