WIMBLEDON GREEN in the Washington Examiner

“Comics - It's not easy being 'Green'” / Washington Examiner / Scott Rosenberg / December 20, 2005

One of the major hardships of being incredibly talented must be that your work never seems to be good enough in your own eyes.

Seth, the talented one-named brain behind "Wimbledon Green: The Greatest Comic Book Collection in the World," takes himself to task in the introduction of his latest work, describing it as of sketchbook quality, using adjectives like "poor," "shoddy", "gross" and "perfunctory" to depict the art, story and lettering. He then apologizes for the entire affair.

If only hacks could be this considerate.

Modest is too modest a word to describe Seth. "Wimbledon Green" is an intriguing work that follows the format of a VH1 "Behind the Music," where people are interviewed, telling vignettes about the enigmatic Wimbledon Green and his appearance and disappearance in the world of comic-book collecting, his quest for the fabled copy of "The Green Ghost," and his connection to a slovenly collector by the name of Don Green. This is a series of short stories that make up a greater whole - kind of like the movie "Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould" or Rich Koslowski's graphic novel "Three Fingers."

Seth weaves and winds his way through this tale, filling the jam-packed pages with quirky characters (Ashcan Kemp, Daddy Doats, "Very Fine" Findley and Waxy Coombs, to name a few) and oodles of exposition, shirking the misconception that a 36-panel page is something too unwieldy for readers to follow. While not all of the pages pack that much onto the page, the story is a thick, engrossing read that belies the 125-page hardcover graphic novel.

The art style here is clearly Seth, with characters containing the lovely bold lines embody his previous works, like "Clyde Fans." Clearly, his style is derived from the old masters from the Golden Age of comics, but the overall design of "Jimmy Corrigan's" Chris Ware, with tight, concise panels.

"Wimbledon Green" is a fantastic and compelling mystery that is accessible to anyone, from the most ardent and particular collector to someone who hasn't read a comic book since their adventures with Archie and Jughead as a child.

- Creator: Seth
- Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly
- Price: $19.99 US
- Recommended if you like: "Three Fingers," "Clyde Fans," the works of Daniel Clowes

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