Kevin Huizenga's CURSES reviewed in Publisher's Weekly

“Publishers Weekly Review - Curses” / Publishers Weekly / Publishers Weekly / August 17, 2006

KEVIN HUIZENGA. Drawn Quarterly, $19.95 (152p) ISBN 1-894937-86-4

Huizenga has created some of the most remarkable comics of recent years, and this volume collects stories published in anthologies and random comic books. Huizenga’s work, drawn in a deceptively simple and quietly expressive cartoon line, is marked by a focus on philosophical quandaries. Nearly all of his stories take place in an anonymous suburbia, and his everyman protagonist, Glenn Ganges, is a likable character possessed of a Charlie Brown–like calm. The strongest story in this book, “28th Street,” is a fanciful meditation on fertility in which Ganges turns to supernatural solutions for his all too corporeal problems. Another excellent story, “Jeepers Jacobs,” explores the nature of heaven and hell through the fictionalized work of a theologian protagonist. Another story, “Green Tea,” is an adaptation of a 19th-century thriller. It’s quite a range, and Ganges’s thoughtful wonderment at all of his experiences opens up the world to the reader. Huizenga is an inclusive, empathic artist who communicates without lectures—rather, he simply shows the world as it might be and allows us, through Ganges, to experience it with him. His excellent ear for dialogue and measured prose style accomplish this without flash. These are wonderfully considered, profound comics. (Oct.)

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