WE ARE ON OUR OWN reviewed in Jewish Woman Magazine

“A Graphic Debut” / Jewish Woman Magazine / Jewish Woman Magazine Staff / August 30, 2006


Miriam Katin, 63, a former animator for Disney and MTV, is among the new voices coming to the fore in the mushrooming—and at one time heavily male—realm of graphic novels. Katin’s powerful first novel is We Are on Our Own (Drawn & Quarterly, $19.95), a captivating memoir of her childhood story of survival in Hungary during World War II.

With her father off fighting in the Hungarian army and the German troops cranking up deportations of Budapest’s Jewish population, Katin and her mother assume the identities of a Russian servant and her illegitimate child and flee to the countryside. In full-color sequences, Katin poignantly captures the trauma and disorientation she experiences as she and her mother struggle to stay alive in a harrowing world of fear, betrayal and abuse. She conveys her ensuing struggle as an adult to come to terms with the long-term effects of her experiences and her loss of faith in God. This extraordinary book received starred reviews from both Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist.

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Miriam Katin, author of the poignant memoir, We Are on Our Own, was born in Hungary during World War II. The family returned to Budapest after the war, but left again during the 1956 Hungarian uprising. Katin emigrated to Israel in 1957 and worked as a graphic artist during a stint in the Israel Defense Forces. She and her husband moved to New York in the 1960s where they had two sons. Katin later became an animator for Disney and MTV and has illustrated children's books.

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