Abandon The Old in Tokyo featured on The First Post (UK)

“Melancholic, moving Manga” / The Online Daily Magazine / Danny Graydon / December 14, 2006

It's good news that Yoshihiro Tatsumi's groundbreaking work is published in the West for the first time. It's now four decades since the Japanese artist expanded the boundaries of fantasy-dominated Manga by creating gritty and literary short stories that he dubbed "Gekiga" (literally, "dramatic pictures"), and Abandon The Old in Tokyo is a compelling example of his style. Focusing on the private lives of Tokyo's working classes, Tatsumi's tales offer a glimpse in to the period when staunchly-traditional Japan was in conflict with both the pace of post-war modernisation and increasingly liberal sexual mores. Tatsumi's emotionally-raw stories displayed an elegant restraint, to beautiful effect.

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