MOOMIN reviewed in the Austin Chronicle

“Readings” / The Austin Chronicle / Wayne Alan Brenner / December 8, 2006

Whimsy. Whimsy of the gentlest, cleverest sort from Finland in the 1950s, in the form of daily comic strips (originally for the London Evening News) by Tove Jansson, chronicling the adventures of a friendly, troll-like creature called Moomin and his delightful (and sometimes delightfully barbed) friends. All these strips lovingly reprinted in a large, hardcover volume by Drawn & Quarterly and perfect for presenting to someone whimsical during this year-end holiday season. "Why, it's like Pogo without the politics!" your friend might exclaim, or "If you think what Dr. Seuss did best seemed done by someone tripping on acid, this is like what he would've done on mushrooms instead." And that friend of yours, especially if he or she has young kids with whom to share this handsome collection, will thank you sincerely and offer you some tea.

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