WALT & SKEEZIX in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Comic books make wham-bang gifts; From Superman to the Perhapanauts, there's lots for your list” / The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / William J. Dowlding / December 9, 2006

What's better than words for the person on your gift list who likes to read fiction?

Easy: words and pictures.

Take us up on our suggestions for a graphic novel or comic book from this year's collection and you, too, could be a superhero (these books can be found at area comic book stores):

[D+Q excerpt:]

Strip mining

Walt & Skeezix: Book Two (Drawn & Quarterly, $29.95) collects humorous Gasoline Alley strips from 1923-'24 by Wisconsin native Frank King. Walt was a big lug and Skeezix was a baby that was the first strip character that aged in real time.

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