Portland Mercury raves about Curses

“Portland Mercury Review - Curses” / Portland Mercury / Portland Mercury Staff / February 16, 2007

Despite the old adage, covers count for a lot—and that goes double when they're as gorgeous as the one for Curses. Huizenga's cover—a greenish sky at twilight, a stylized flock of starlings, and a silhouetted street—makes this hardcover flat-out beautiful, and thankfully, the book's content lives up to its first impression. Curses explores America's plebian Midwest, a land that occasionally veers into the territory of creepy ghost stories, weird folk tales, and religious philosophy. Huizenga's emotive, cartoony style is a welcome foil to his often-gloomy subject matter, and Curses never fails to be enjoyable, challenging, and impressive. ERIK HENRIKSEN

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