MOOMIN in the Roanoke Times

“Still Funny” / Roanoke Times & World News / Gene Deitch / March 18, 2007

It's a golden age for fans of some of the great newspaper comic strips of the 20th century. Several publishers are reissuing albums of classic strips formerly available only in rare and expensive out- of-print versions.

Yet another '50s strip with a completely different feel is "Moomin." It's unlike any comic I've ever read, yet it hooked me from the first. "Moomin" was a creation of Finnish artist Tove Jansson. She created Moomin, a sort of hippopotamus-looking troll, for children's books that were released around the world. She wrote the Moomin comic strip for publication in a British newspaper, but only continued for five years before burning out. Apparently this is the first of what will be six volumes to collect the entire run.

The Moomin world is whimsical, with characters rapidly moving from one situation to another. The strip's charm underscores its satirical side, which takes on targets such as the art world and the idle rich.

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