SPENT in LA Magazine

“La Magazine Review - Spent” / Los Angeles Magazine / LA Magazine Staff / June 7, 2007

"Plenty of alternative-comics artists have tackled the autobiographical form--Seth, Chris Ware, and R. Crumb spring to mind--but none with the bravado and ickiness of Joe Matt, who recently moved to L.A. from his long-time home of Toronto. In Spent (Drawn & Quarterly, 120 pages, $20), Matt cheats his friends, urinates in a bottle to avoid trips to the bathroom, watches prodigious amounts of videotaped porn, and wonders why he doesn't have a girlfriend. It's all fiction, Matt is fond of saying, and just how much we all lie about our lives is explored in hilariously metafictional asides. Few do decades-spanning regret like this. If a tenth of it is true, Matt is a freak of the highest order, albeit an immensely talented one."

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