EXIT WOUNDS and AYA nominated for the Quill Awards

“The Quill Awards 2007” / The Quills / The Quills / June 4, 2007

Two D+Q titles nominated for The Quill Awards. In the graphic novel category, we have:

Exit Wounds
Rutu Modan
Drawn & Quarterly

Marguerite Abouet, illustrated by Clement Oubrerie
Drawn & Quarterly

Making Comics
Scott McCloud

Ode to Kirihito
Osamu Tezuka

Alice in Sunderland
Bryan Talbot
Dark Horse

"The Quill Awards are the only book awards to pair a populist sensibility with Hollywood-style glitz. They are the first literary prizes to reflect the tastes of all the groups that matter most in publishing--readers, booksellers and librarians.

NBC is the official broadcast partner for the The Quills. The Quill Awards are the only televised literary prizes."

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