EXIT WOUNDS recommended in the National Post

“BRIGHT SUN, WARM BREEZE, HOT READS” / The National Post / Brianna Goldberg / June 9, 2007

On the threshold of summer -- and as members of the publishing world gather in Toronto this weekend for their annual trade show, BookExpo Canada -- we asked booksellers across the country for their picks for the hot books this season. From lifeguard love to the inevitable Harry Potter, they put together a stellar list for those long languid days ahead.

[D+Q excerpt:]


The printed word is not the only way to tell a meaningful
story. Highly topical graphic novels such as Persepolis (Pantheon; $16) by Marjane Satrapi remain some of the strongest sellers at The Beguiling books and art store in Toronto. Owner Peter Birkemoe says Israeli illustrator Rutu Modan's new book, Exit Wounds (Drawn & Quarterly; $21.95), will be a big summer hit in this tradition. The story follows a young taxi driver in Tel Aviv as he searches for his father, who may have been killed in a suicide bomb attack. "This is one of the most subtly crafted stories I have ever read," Birkemoe says. "Her scenes on a beach perfectly capture the thrill of an impromptu ocean dip, making this ideal summer reading."

Birkemoe is also excited about Fantagraphic's re-release of early stories from Love and Rockets ($19.95) by Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, which makes the series more affordable for readers looking to acquaint themselves with classics such as Maggie the Mechanic and Heartbreak Soup.

And action fans can take heart: "For a more stylish and intelligent take on the traditional escapist comic book, the super-spy genre you used to devour on summer vacation is back," Birkemoe adds. Casanova (Image Comics; $27) by Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba traces the adventures of Casanova Quinn, a kind of James Bond meets Nick Fury, and sexes it up a few notches.

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