“Porcellino, John. King-Cat Classix: The Best of King-Cat Comics and Stories” / Booklist / Ray Olson / June 18, 2007

For 18 years, Porcellino has self-published King-Cat Comix. Two books of extracts, Perfect Example (1999), about his stressful eighteenth year, and Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man (2005), about a summer gig during college, vaulted him into the front ranks of autobiographical comics creators. Now here’s a heaping helping of the rest of King-Cat, with 15 pages of annotations (including more comics) appended to make the book as impressively self-reflexive as Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount’s Scurvy Dogs (2005––hard to beat those notes). The book contains many more of Porcellino’s dream stories, some of the most dreamlike in all comics (Rick Veitch develops his dreams much more elaborately––see Crypto Zoo, 2004––but they’re much more diffuse). Porcellino started King-Cat intending never to censor himself or record things unimportant to him. He is as unabashedly unzipped as James Kochalka (American Elf, 2004), though not as often. Some stories are fictional, such as the adventures of Racky Raccoon, and all are drawn with a bold line and lots of white, like Peanuts drained of detail.

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