KING-CAT CLASSIX reviewed by the Onion A.V.

“AV Club Review - King-Cat Classix” / The AV Club / The AV Club / July 20, 2007

The nearly 400 pages and seven years' worth of mini-comics collected in the John Porcellino anthology King-Cat Classix: The Best Of King-Cat Comics And Stories (D&Q) may seem immediately inconsequential, hardly worth being preserved in a handsomely designed hardcover edition with extensive endnotes. But the best way to treat this book is like a collection of poems, to be dipped into lightly, a few pieces at a time. Beneath the crude linework and dream-journalism, Porcellino has crafted an affecting scrapbook of a part-time artist's life. The decade-plus remove from these comics' initial publication only adds another layer of poignancy, since so many of its concerns are those of a young man, unaccountably adrift in a decade geared towards his generation… A-

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