ANDERS NILSEN in The Contra Costa Times

“Literary delights await the savvy comics reader” / Contra Costa Times / Randy Myers / November 25, 2007

Even those with a minimal interest in graphic novels recognize the names Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Daniel Clowes and Harvey Pekar.
Those comics celebs deserve their fame and acclaim. But lesser-known artists should get their due, too.
Here, then, are eight of my favorite graphic novelists who aren't household names -- yet.
The Existentialist: Anders Nilsen
Why him? Less means more when it's in the hands of this New Hampshire-born cartoonist. Nilsen's sketchy art and episodic storytelling sinks into our psyches. A wry commentator on the absurdity of modern life ("Monologues For the Coming Plague"), he is equally adept at conveying the purgatory of an isolated neo-future ("Dogs & Water"). Think visionary, think Nilsen.
Must-reads: "Dogs & Water." A nameless Everyman roams a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger. Haunting on the first read, humbling on the second.

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