EXIT WOUNDS and MOOMIN 2 in The VIllage Voice

“Criminal masterminds, shoehorn worshippers, President McCain” / The Village Voice / R.C. Baker / December 18, 2007

Rutu Modan's Exit Wounds (D&Q, 168 pp., $19.95) is a quieter take on Middle East carnage. A ne'er-do-well father may or may not have died in a suicide bombing; his younger girlfriend and his son traverse Israel seeking clues, fall in love, and find that the missing old man looms between them. Deft artwork and the theme of loss partially regained make this one of the most poignant books of the year.
Seemingly gentler, but pungent in their own right, are Tove Jansson's 1950s Moomin strips, gathered into a beautiful, oversize volume (D&Q, 96 pp., $19.95). The happy family of hippo-like Moomins outwits self-absorbed jocks and uptight neighbors with aplomb; what gives the strip edge are its insouciant figures, expressive areas of rich black, and judicious sweeps of Zip-a-tone.

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