EXIT WOUNDS in Juneau Empire

“Libraries get new graphic novels for adults” / Juneau Empire / Kathy Ward / December 7, 2007

"Exit Wounds," by Rutu Modan. Koby Franco's estranged father has been killed in a suicide bomb attack in Hadera - or has he? Contacted by Gabriel's young lover, Numi, Koby begins to unravel his father's life, but everywhere he turns he finds more puzzles. Stymied in his attempt to use a DNA test to match his father's name to an unidentified corpse, Koby begins tracing Gabriel's steps backwards and discovers that his father may well still be alive, albeit even more removed from his family's life than ever before. Modan has been lauded as one of Israel's finest cartoonists and this, her first graphic novel, has been acclaimed for both its illustrations and for its depiction of modern Israeli life.

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